It’s a New Season - Even for Your Skin

It’s a New Season - Even for Your Skin

Now that the weather is starting to fade from summer to fall, give your skin a welcome break by tweaking your skin care regime. Changes in the season can wreak havoc on your complexion if you don’t prepare your skin for the weather shift. Believe it or not, skin really does need different products in the winter than in the summer, so use the fall season as a transition time.

Here in the northeast, sun, heat and humidity are the summer norm. Now that September is upon us, the temperature is dropping and humidity is lessening. Often, that means skin becomes tight, dry, dehydrated, flaky or irritated. All skin, including oily and combination, can experience dehydration and irritation brought on by cold weather.

Moving Into Fall with Eminence

For the cooler months, we suggest putting aside your lightweight summer cleanser for one that’s rich and nourishing. This should help replenish your skin as you wash. The Stone Crop Gel Wash, ideal for all skin types (including sensitive), balances the skin and removes impurities for a bright, fresh appearance. For normal to dry skin types, our Coconut Milk Cleanser is also an ideal choice. This cleanser nourishes dry skin with hydration as it improves elasticity for a youthful radiance. 

For combo and oily skin, a great fall option is the Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate. This light serum gently refines the skin’s texture, revitalizing your complexion through the fall when skin often looks dull. For an evening routine, try the Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream. It protects the skin from environmental stressors that come along with the shifting seasons. This night cream also offers a boost of revitalizing moisture to all skin types — which is the perfect antidote for a parched post-summer complexion.